Wooden boxes

We make boxes of different species of wood - eg samba, mahogany, wenge, padouk.

In different formats and depths.

We make boxes for the prints or with profiled places for pendrives of different shapes.

Lockable on one, two leather straps or on magnets and steel tape hidden under the canvas lid.

We offer a variety of personalization technologies - prints, stamping, pasted prints..


Wooden boxes for pendrives

At the Client's request, we make various types of wood.

With a profiled place for pendrives of various shapes.

In different formats and styles.

With identification in the form of printing or embossing.

We also make individual projects.


Boxes for rings

We produce in different configurations of the combined wood species. In the photos of wenge and mahogany and mahogany and samba.

It is possible to engrave subtitles.

We are profiling the place for rings of different sizes.

We also make unique designs for individual orders.


Packaging for jewelery

Packages are designed for individual orders.

We execute orders for any number of copies - from individual pieces to cyclical series.

Engraving and / or hot stamping is possible.

We adapt the projects to the budget form and choice of wood species.

The pictures show an exemplary realization of a mahogany bracelet box. Leather accessories. Engraving on age. Wooden hinges. Silver hot stamping. Profiled bracelet chamber. Additional outer package made of cardboard and canvas.


Packages for watches

All projects are implemented in close cooperation with the Client. Depending on your budget, we choose the construction and materials from which the package is made.

In the pictures example of realization:

Mahogany packing for Polpora watch collection in 2016.

Varied color boxes for women's and men's models.

Certificate pocket under the lid of the box.

Box closed with magnets and steel tape hidden behind a bookbinding cloth.

Profiled, varied for women's and men's models interior.

In the box for the women's model space for an extra watch strap.


Transport packaging

Designed on individual order of the Client.

In the pictures examples of projects:

Box for storage and transport of ancient Torah.

Boxes for carrying mahogany frames with collodion plates.

Boxes for storing and transporting glass collodion plates.

Box for shipping jewelery.


Collector's packaging

Designed for the individual order of the Customer according to his specific needs.

Most often ordered for short, limited series of exclusive goods.

n the pictures examples of some projects:

Boxes for commemorative medals ZPRP with Men's EHF Championship Euro 2016.

Collectible boxes of collodion plates.

Packages for audiophile cables StavEssence.audio.

Mahogany jewelery boxes.


Packages of various types

Designed individually according to customer needs.

Most often implemented in limited series.

On the pictures examples of projects:

Boxes for collectible dolls.

External packaging for wooden boxes for jewelery.

Gift boxes for promotional cosmetics.

Box for artistic glassware.

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