Estimo is a family business...

The inspiration for making high-quality luminaires were unique personal needs

We do not work for everyone. What is needed is a bond, understanding of the manual work and respect..

Most of the packaging is created for Polish companies, but the products packed in them are sold all over the world.


Puls Biznesu

Family-owned company produces exclusive packaging for luxury goods and art.

...each package is made for individual order..

Of course, the point is not to kill crafts by modern technology, but to use modern technologies in contemporary craft.


Bizness Woman&life

What matters is not only what, but how - it is our credo.

To put it into practice we were looking for a niche where it is still valid.

The miracle of our times is communication without borders. It provides the ideal conditions for the realization of ideas for customers scattered around the world

We give our Clients attention, time, commitment and diligence..

Today there are no "foreign markets". There are areas of narrow interest and sublime expectations for which there are no geographical boundaries.


Home &Market

"Luxury business in Polish style".

In the era of product availability from almost the whole world to our country finally came the fashion of ... polishness.

Polish high quality products, handmade is also a high price shelf, however, this is no longer a problem.

There is a growing demand not only for Polish brand but for luxury products, which are not the domain of large companies but small family businesses.


Gazeta Finansowa

Sometimes, however, the client has different needs.

Customer yearns for relationship based on close contacts, trust and emotional bond.

He wants to feel special and be treated as such.

Unique projects are born during joint talks...

The conversation is part of the process of creation....


Inn Poland

The word exclusive and luxurious does not mean anything today...

Just give someone red, not gray box with heart on the lid and it is becoming unique.

Of course, they are produced in the factory in several thousands, otherwise business is not profitable

But it really is about a much smaller numbers, the customer approach, the time you spend on it.


Business Woman&life

Polish entrepreneurs are joining forces to implement joint projects.

Business gift, what to buy for the boss?

Luxury business in Polish style.

Photos, or memories in a unique frame.

Luxury gift - only in a unique packaging.



A way to live with passion

In case of packaging, the trend is high quality products made of precious materials such as wood, natural leather or canvas.

No less important is the workmanship.

Such packaging is timeless and fits into every trend - classic, eco-friendly and design

The magic of giving is present in the proces of preparation, as well as in celebration of giving and then storage the gift.

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