Estimo Etsy shop

Our store on ETSY   (store link)

Most of our work is the implementation of individual orders. However, there are also among them that our clients reach for more often than others. Some of them are made so often that we decided to offer them "off the shelf" and not just to order.

ETSY is an international platform supporting the retail sale of handicrafts. Choosing this site as a place on the Internet where we will set up an Estimo store was natural for us.

After a short time, we already knew what our ETSY visitors are most interested in. Watch-related products proved to be the most popular. Interest in photography in the world of wet collodion technology has turned out to be a real surprise. This is something photographers have not been able to interest in Poland.

Through our store on ETSY we sold our works to, among others, France, Great Britain, Austria, and Australia.

We offer many boxes for photographs and jewelry with the possibility of putting your own texts on them - dedications, names, dates. We also sell popular on ETSY watch stands with boxes on which a dedication can be placed. In other words, we sell ready gifts.

We invite you to visit our store's website at ETSY. You will certainly find there something for yourself or your loved ones.
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